Nekra – Celestial Tomb (EP)

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Υear: 2017
Total Time: 09:43
Label: Independent

NEKRA is a Greek Black Metal band created in 2010 and “Celestial Tomb” is their first and only release so far. It has a total duration of about 10 minutes and includes an intro and 2 songs. “Celestial Tomb” has a rather dark cover, which fits perfectly with their sound and puts you in the mood of their music instantly.

The opening track is “Τhe Descending” and after a small atmospheric intro, a cold riff is coming out of the speakers luring you on a hellish journey into snowy and dark forests creating a claustrophobic feeling that fascinates you. Next song is called “S.O.N.” where the guitars continue in the same style with more fast tempo, a hell of raw and aggressive Black Metal in the footsteps of old MAYHEM and MARDUK. The Black Metal attack continues with “Flesh Worship” which is the third and last song of the EP.

NEKRA released a ten-minute EP of great old school Black Metal, and they travel us  in the early 90’s with their songs. Very good production, awesome drumming by Nick Yngve and raw sound on guitars and vocals, a great piece of full brutality. A very dynamic start for NEKRA and I am already looking forward to hearing their next release. ‘Celestial Tomb’ is a must listen!

Rating: 7,5/10

Nikos Manousis

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  1. Βαλάντης Λώλης

    Δισκαρα…. Και δεν το λέω γιατί έχει κάνει την παραγωγή και την μίξη ο αδερφός μου χαχαχα!!!
    Και σαφώς όχι γιατί τραγουδάει!!!

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