Narnia – From Darkness To Light

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Year: 2019
Total Time: 45:31
Label: AFM Records

Metal, by definition, is a musical αρεα in which each and every band individually has the freedom to express and sing about whatever it expresses, reflects on, or believes in, without any restrictions or restrictions on artists. The listener, on the other hand, chooses whether the sounds, musically and lyrically, are close to his beliefs or whether he wants to explore through music, paths unknown to him or not so close to his own philosophy.

The Swedish Progressive / Power Metallers NARNIA, is, if at all, a case in point, having devoted much of their work to what is called Christian Metal. A quick passage from their discography is enough to prove the above and their lyrics that are Christian God-centered.

Their new, eighth album, and the second since the band’s reunion in 2014, entitled “From Darkness to Light,” could not be different.

The line-up, same as the band’s previous release, has their original vocalist and co-founder Christian Liljegren on vocals, giving to the listener very good acoustic result, while the guitars and compositions in general, hide behind them the Swedish founder and permanent member Carl Johan Grimmark.

Musically, NARNIA’s influences are well-known, with IRON MAIDEN, DREAM THEATER as also EVERGREY’s acronyms seem to be in great measure.

The album’s introductory track, “A Crack in the Sky,” the two tracks from “From Darkness to Light,” as well as “You Are the Air That I Breathe” and “I Will Follow,” top the charts. The album, as well as the rest of the album, can provide the listener with fun, but not with any innovation, as it has pleasant but expected results.


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