MY DYING BRIDE complete recording new album!

You are currently viewing MY DYING BRIDE complete recording new album!

It is complete! According to Aaron statement (vocalist of the band) on MY DYING BRIDE’s fb account the new album is finished and is with Nuclear Blast now. There is no release date as yet but rest assured they will let the fans know once they find out. This album is a luxurious journey into a realm only MY DYING BRIDE know how to create. It has the most lavish production of any of our past offerings and the sound is utterly stunning; aggressive, beautiful and layered with harmonic melancholy like never before. There is beauty here with slender moments of delicate hope enriched with violins and cello and the stunning voice of special guest Lindy-Fay Hella from Wardruna. And there is utter madness and anger with visceral death metal vocals lending a fearful edge to this dramatic opus. We will not be disappointed Aaron said!!

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