Monarque – Jusqu’à La Mort [EP]

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(Sepulchral Productions)

Total Time: 22:32

MONARQUE is a solo project from Quebec, Canada, and has been around for about two decades. They play Black Metal with a rough sound that combines occult melodies in the style of FORTERESSE and the frost sound of SORCIER DES GLACES. “Jusqu’à la Mort” comes six years after their last complete release titled “Lys noir”.

This EP contains only three songs. From the very beginning you will understand that here you have a vicious Black Metal release of high quality. With dark melodies that are combined harmoniously with aggression, they atone the war savagery of the album. MONARQUE generously give us three hymns that have everything to be considered classical! A dramatic atmosphere that invents its own musical settings and presents us a musical style that approaches perfection.

By developing their own signature, maintaining the integrity of Black Metal, MONARQUE present us their characteristic features, which we have heard throughout their career. Their charismatic ability to capture slow and eerie atmospheres and combine them with sinister and aggressive melodies.

“Jusqu’à la Mort” is an intense, authentic, virtuous Black Metal release that, not only rejuvenates the genre, but also re-evaluates its most elementary potential without compromise. It is an artistic work which in the near future will be considered classic. A work that deserves to be amazingly appreciated! Artists like MONARQUE with masterpieces such as “Jusqu’à la Mort” establish higher standards for the genre. Definitely the best release of the year for Black Metal!

Rating: 9/10

Manousis Nikos

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