MERCYFUL FATE Playing 2020 Reunion Shows

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MERCYFUL FATE are back! The band has announced the reunion on the incomplete 9 era lineup, declaring that they will be playing an undetermined amount of shows in 2020. A statement was made on King Diamond’s social media pages that MERCYFUL FATE, who last played a show in October 1999, will be performing in Europe during the summer of next year.

The lineup consists of King Diamond (vocals), Hank Shermann (guitar), Bjarne T. Holm (drums) and Mike Wead (guitar) from the group’s last record, 9, in addition to Armored Saint and Fates Warning bassist Joey Vera in place of original member Timi Hansen. A new record is expected from King Diamond, but MERCYFUL FATE have revealed that they too have new material in the works. “This is very important, since the set list will only consist of songs from the very first ‘mini LP,’ the Melissa album, and the Don’t Break The Oath album, plus some brand new songs written specifically in that very same style,” the band said.

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  1. Kim Thyge Jensen

    Kim Ruzz. A few comments.

    Mercyful fate reunion?????? ……….. As I see it, King and Hank trying to squeeze the last drop out of a long lost, once in a lifetime, golden opportunity to make it big. In my humble opinion, the two boys are still blinded by their own ego’s(it’s the same 2 boys that broke up MF!!!!!) And still they dont get it!!! I should think the message from fans, critics, and numerous playlist thru time, stands reasonable clear. But of course ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it could be fake news(-: Maybe it’s just me who’s the sad bitter fool, still regretting I where to proud to take the offer, without conditions!, from King to be the drummer in KD band. Still a paradox King and Hank calling it a Reunion with only 2 of 5 original members.
    And still my vanity, my ego, and so on, hurts a bit from never been asked to join one of many reunions plans.
    Knowing I where a bit of a mouthful in the eighties………. due to a nightmare of a childhood with a drug abusing, alcoholic, and extreme violent bitch of a single mother.
    May the sun shine on all you heavyfreaks. I’m in debt to every MF and heavyrock fan… I see it………the success is the fans doing, not the band. And the success you gave me made it possible/helped me to have a good life, stay mentally strong, and not least, the gift of being father of 2 boys……married to their mother for 27 years….belive it or not, still in love with the women. Sorry, better stop…….not very heavy…..but a heavyrock fan/musician CAN be a softie. No matter what MF made all the different for my life…… thanks to all the bitches in MF….May Timi rest in peace.
    Kim Ruzz

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