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What an amazing triple bill today at the Brixton Academy in London. The 3 american boys from MUTOID MAN (without Ben Koller unfortunately) warmed up the audience with their Beetle-esque thrashcore (!?), while the Norwegians AC/DC of black n roll, KVELERTAK, continued the party with their new singer (a spitting image of Axl Rose 30 years ago) ploughing the stage like a madman on acid. The main event of the night was of course those motherfuckers from Atlanta, MASTODON, which turned the night into a quite unique event as they invited their friend Scott Kelly (Neurosis) to perform all the songs they’ve recorded together in their studio albums. After years of disappointing live performances, finally they gave us something that was worthy of that legendary gig more than 15 years ago at the Gagaring club in Athens. Maybe even better…

MUTOID MAN from Brooklyn appeared first on the stage (without Ben Koller, unfortunately, who is recovering from a recent injury). Stephen Brodsky and his company were in high spirits and managed to warm the audience with their Beetle-esque  thrashcore (!?). They covered all their albums with a greater emphasis on their latest masterpiece “War Moans”.

After the American “mutant” metal, it was time for the Norwegian AC / DC of black n roll, KVELERTAK.

Refreshed with a new singer, reminiscent of an enthusiastic young Axl Rose, they raised the temperature by making the crowd go wild with their hymns like “Fossegrim” and “Mjod”. Clapping, stagediving and a huge flag coming on stage were signs that the audience was ready for the main dish of the evening.

With a very beautiful background with psychedelic videos, MASTODON, who were in great form, delivered a great show. Tight and in great mood, they played songs from their entire career. From “March of the fire ants” to “Toe to Toes” of their recent ep, I don’t think they left anyone complaining. The big surprise of the evening, however, was the appearance of the titan Scott Kelly (NEUROSIS) on stage who sang all the songs he was featured in on all of their albums. “Crack the Skye” and “Diamond in the Witch House” with Kelly’s imposing presence turned the gig into an unforgettable ritual!

I really did not expect such a performance from the band that is not famous for performing well on stage. This was a gig equivalent to the one the Americans did years ago in Gagarin – probably better!

Dimitris Benetatos

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