MANOWAR plays “secret” show in Germany as THE LORDS OF STEEL.

You are currently viewing MANOWAR plays “secret” show in Germany as THE LORDS OF STEEL.

MANOWAR played the first of two “secret” warm-up shows on Saturday, June 4th at Jovel Music Hall in Münster, Germany under the name THE LORDS OF STEEL. The show marked band’s debut live appearance with new drummer Dave Chedrick, who has previously played with RAVEN and KILL RITUAL, among others.

Chedrick joined MANOWAR as the replacement for Anders Johannson who announced on Saturday that he would be unable to join MANOWAR on the band’s upcoming “Crushing The Enemies Of Metal Anniversary Tour ’22/’23” due to “family commitments”.

Based in Los Angeles, Chedrick has been a Metal addict his entire life. Early influences include John Bonham, Neil Peart and, most of all, late MANOWAR drummer Scott Columbus. An accomplished studio musician, Dave is praised for his professionalism, easy-going spirit, and willingness to always go the extra mile in the quest for the perfect sound.

Band’s setlist on the show was the following:

  1. Manowar
  2. Dark Avenger
  3. Defender
  4. Sword of the Highlands
  5. Warriors of the World United
  6. Blood of My Enemies
  7. The Dawn of Battle
  8. Holy War
  9. Kill With Power
  10. Fight Until We Die
  11. Kings of Metal
  12. Sign of the Hammer
  13. Hail and Kill
  14. Battle Hymn
  15. Black Wind, Fire And Steel

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