Månegarm – Fornaldarsagor

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(Napalm Records)
Total length: 45:07

Let’s write a few words about the band, for those who are not yet familiar with them. They were formed in 1995 as ANTIKRIST and during December of the same year, they changed their name to MÅNEGARM. They are usually described as Viking Black Metal (with which I agree), Folk Pagan Metal or something relevant. So far they have released 2 demos, 1 EP and with “Fornaldarsagor”, we have their 9th full length album. Let’s get into it.

The album contains 9 song of pure Scandinavian metal. Strictly with lyrics in Swedish, except 2013’s “Legions Of The North”, they manage to take us with them and travel into Viking raids and other stories taken from their traditions. Apart from the “classic” instruments like guitars, drums and bass, the band also uses female vocals (NOT IN THE WAY YOU THINK), something like WARDRUNA, as also they use the violin, which is used in certain parts instead of a lead guitar, giving that extra folk tone in their songs. Of course the classic Black Metal outbursts are there, all over the album, and let’s not forget that they started as a more “raw” Black Metal band which evolved gradually regarding their compositions, their lyrics… basically in everything!

Listen to it. Just do it. All of you who know me, you know that I wouldn’t recommend an album so vividly if I didn’t believe in it!

Have fun!


Nick Yngve

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