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Total Time: 55:34

Tommy Joohansson, is best known for his participation in SABATON, but before that, he was a member of a band called REINXEED, who are now known as MAJESTICA, a name-tribute to their album “Majestic”. HereTommy handles the guitar and the vocals, in an album of pure Power Metal in the footsteps of the great HELLOWEEN and GAMMA RAY.

Counting three instead of four members, the Swedish Power Metallers return with their new name and their new album called “Future Land”.

The Swedish band offers sophisticated solos, melodious parts and fast drumming, in compositions that are quite compact and full. Unfortunately, resuming already known paths it makes the final result kind of tiring.

Significant tracks of the album are “Night Call Girl,” a NWOBHM song with IRON MAIDEN bass lines to stand out, as well as the ‘80s “Future Land”. In Power metal paths, “Alliance Forever” and “Father Time” (the longest tracks of the album), come to close a quartet of songs that eventually raise the entire “Above the Sky”.

All in all, if this release was a real debutit might had made a good impression. With that glorious past of the members though, it’s difficult to say that. It might has more to offer to the fans of this specific genre, but in general aspect it moves on moderate paths.

Rating: 5/10

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