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Being traditional in their extreme sound for 11 years now, the Greeks LUCIFER’S CHILD continue to produce quality Black Metal. On the occasion of their appearance on April 6th, 2024 in Athens, opening EMPEROR’s concert, the band’s founding member and guitarist George Emmanuel spoke to THE GALLERY’s web magazine….

– Good evening George! I hope you are well. For starters tell us what are you up to at the moment.

George Emmanuel: Good evening Antonis and thank you very much for hosting us at The Gallery Web Magazine. We are currently preparing for our show with the legendary EMPEROR in Athens! Alongside this, we are in the process of writing our third full length album, which will be recorded in the summer of 2024.

– It’s already been 6 years since your last album. Do you think that a musician should have the freedom to pick his own time, in order to be able to give his best? Are there other reasons for this long absence from discography?

George Emmanuel: It’s true that it’s been a long time since our last album. This is because I am trying to evolve our sound, getting closer to the identity that characterizes us as a band. It would take a lot less effort to reproduce similar compositions as those found on “The Order” album, but that would not be satisfying. I preferred to take my time so that I could create a new, evolved sound for LUCIFER’S CHILD. Creating and searching for new ideas and musicians is an arduous process, which rewards you in the most generous way when completed.

– In two days LUCIFER’S CHILD will get on FLOYD’s stage as opening act at the EMPEROR concert, playing live again, after five years. Why did you have this long absence and what can we expect at this time? What are your thoughts and feelings, both personally but also as a band? Your previous live performance was again as support act for the also legendary Norwegian band ENSLAVED.

George Emmanuel: We have decided to make our performances more selective, in order to offer every time something different to the people who come to see us. In Athens, which is the city we’ve performed in the most times, this will be the third concert in a row that we’re playing. On this occasion, we are preparing a special set, with songs from our entire discography.

– Before this concert, have you already contacted with the Norwegians? Did they play a role in your choice to open their live show, so many years after their only appearance in Greece?

George Emmanuel: No, we haven’t had any contact, but it’s a huge honor that they are keen to offer us the support slot. It will be the third time that we share the stage with EMPEROR, and speaking on a personal level the seventh or eighth, since we have also met with ROTTING CHRIST several times in the past, the first being at Graspop in 2017. .  

– “It’s showtime”, so closing this beautiful conversation, tell us what we can expect from you on Saturday? Will there be any new material, or will you rely on the previous albums? Anything else we should know before we see you on stage?

George Emmanuel: The material we will be performing will include songs from all three of our releases, the rest we will reveal on stage!

– Good luck and we’ll see you after the concert…

George Emmanuel: Thank you very much for talking and supporting LUCIFER’S CHILD, see you on Saturday! You are INVICTUS!

Interview: Antonis Livanios
Translation/Rendering in English: Kostas Boudoukos
Design & Editing: Alexandros Soultatos
Date: 2 April, 2024
External Link: LUCIFER’S CHILD – Facebook Page
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