Live Report: Mötley Crüe (Underworld Club, London, England – 30/6/2023)

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A fantastic experience was witnessed yesterday at London’s Underworld club for a few privileged and very lucky Crue fans! Announced just a few days prior on the bands social media as DOGS OF WAR, there was no mistake that this was going to be a short but intimate MÖTLEY CRÜE club appearance. For this reason it was literally sold out in less than 60 seconds…! You could tell by the smiles of the audience, how happy and enthusiastic all attendants were!

It was an intense and sweat set, in up-close conditions which we will probably never experience again! The whole band was on fire, with the assistance of their two dancers/backup singers, which was probably not necessary in such conditions. Props to the guys for delivering a set in front of 400 people with the same intensity they will probably deliver again the next day at Wembley Stadium. They looked genuinely happy doing that, and the crowd was left amazed and euphoric.

We can testify, that except from for the backing vocals (which is really not an issue those days), the whole show was 100% live. Naysayers will say you can still fake things, even in a small club, but when you are two meters away and when you know a little bit about music, you can clearly hear and see the real deal.

We lived one of our best experiences as Crueheads, for many many years… the band really didn’t need to make that for money or even publicity, and they enjoyed the moment as much (if not more) as all wild attendants did! Now, let’s head to Wembley Stadium…

Set List:

Wild Side
Shout At The Devil
Too Fast for Love
Live Wire
Looks That Kill
Medley: Rock and Roll, Part 2 / Smokin’ in the Boys Room / Helter Skelter / Anarchy in the U.K. / Blitzkrieg Bop
(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)
Dr. Feelgood
Girls, Girls, Girls
Primal Scream
Kickstart My Heart

Live Correspondent: Antoine De Montremy (Duke TV)
Cover Artwork: Alexandros Soultatos
Design & Editing: Alexandros Soultatos
Photos: Antoine De Montremy
Videos: Antoine De Montremy
Date: June 30th 2023
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