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Year: 2021
Total Time: 86.27
Label: Universal

Sunday 15/3/2020: The last concert event of the world, as we used to know it… Already, from the beginning of that week, one country after another had begun to “shut down” and to proceed to the “damned” lockdowns, in order to deal with the Covid 19 that had just begun to spread uncontrollably on the European continent. Russia was one of the last countries that had delayed the lockdown a little bit and so LINDEMANN (the personal project of Till Lindeman of RAMMSTEIN and Peter Tagtgren of PAIN / HYPOCRISY) were able to perform, but also to shot the specific live, which had much planned to take place in Moscow at the VTB Arena.

The final result (directed by Serghey Grey), was more than impressive! Incredible scenes and sets, constantly ingenious videos on Video Wall, awesome direction, amazing sound, but above all a tremendous  performance of the band (including Tagtgren’s son-Sebastian-on drums), and a ‘huge’ Till Lindemann giving rest as a singer but also generally as a performer!

After a short introduction and a strange video on the video wall, the concert starts impressively with “Skill in Pills” and the audience is in frenzy. A few people wear surgical masks (who of them knew what would follow in the coming months…). One hit follows another and in each of them there is a whole theatrical performance! We will not go into specific details, but we will let the viewer discover them himself by watching it instead. We would like to make clear that there is not a single track of the seventeen ones of the dvd that lags behind, but if we want to single out some of them it would be “Lady Boy”, “Steh Auf”, “Allesfresser”, but above all the incredible “Praise Abort”!

In general “Live in Moscow” is a highly professional and incredible spectacle that, among the others, will always remind us the moments before the corona virus, when we all of us would like to come back and to return to a concert ‘’normality’’. I would like also to emphasize the excellent packaging, with a rich booklet with bonus photographic material, but unfortunately in Russian language, that is based and set up just like their famous newspaper PRAVDA!! A minus though, is that there is not any extra material like behind the scenes, interviews etc…  I highly recommend you buying the dvd as long as you have the right audiovisual media to play it so that you can enjoy – like me – a unique experience! Otherwise it is also available on double vinyl.

Rating: N/A
Editor: Dimitris Argyrakis
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