Krypts – Cadaver Circulation

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(Dark Descent Records)
Total Running Time: 37:09

Finland occasionally makes great Metal music. Death Metal, isn’t the best style coming out of this country, however thore are bands that they release very high quality but also special albums. Bands such as ABHORRENCE, DEMIGOD and DEMILICH, as well as the younger HOODED MENACE,GOREPHILIA and KRYPTS, have released very good work on the genre.

KRYPTS have just released their third effort “Cadaver Circulation” successor of the very good “Remnants of Expansion”. What appears from the first listening is the improved production that the album has in relation to the most “loose” production of “Remnants Of Expansion”. Their style remains the same, slow Death Metal, achieving both the creation of the suffocating atmosphere that characterizes them and the creation of music that will make the listeners shake their heads. The album starts with the fast riff of “Sinking Transient Waters” but they quickly sink into their “mud” where you will stay until its end. Slow rhythms alternate with medium and fast speed points keeping the listener’s interest. Very good work by drummer Otso Ukkonen (up to now in HOODED MENACE) that fills the songs with his drumming full of double-bass, but also to singer and bassist Annti Kotiranta who “blackens” the atmosphere with his uncanny vocals.

In conclusion, we have to say that this is the finest work of the Finns to date, in which you need to devote time until you realize its quality. However, we believe that they have not yet reached their best job in proportion to their potential.


Giannis Karakasis

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