Killswitch Engage – Atonement II B-Sides For Charity (EP)

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Year: 2020
Time: 24:36
Label: Metal Blade

One year after their latest album, “Atonement”, the metalcore company of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE returns with its new EP “Atonement II B-sides for Charity”. With this release KILLSWITCH ENGAGE is raising money for COVID-19 relief. All proceeds from the collection (which is being sold at Bandcamp), will benefit the Center for Disaster Philanthropy’s COVID-19 Relief Fund. “Atonement II B-sides for Charity” contains six new tracks that didn’t make the cut for the metal act’s 2019 album, “Atonement”, without any surprise about its musical direction.

The EP starts dynamically with “The Great Beyond” in the classic American new metal style, with some hardcore influences and the characteristic vocals by Jesse Leach at the melodic chorus. Next song is “Hollow Convictions” on a more mid-tempo and melodic path, while “Killing Of Leviathan” that follows has a faster tempo with hardcore influences again. The next three songs “No Devotion”, “I Feel Alive Again” and “Prophets Of Treason” do not have any musical difference and do not escape the band’s sound. Melodies in guitars with the necessary breakdowns. “Brutal” and clear vocals with the lyrics having a more personal approach and compositions with no musical depth.

“Atonement II B-sides for Charity” is a great move by KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, purpose-wise. As for its musical quality, the band’s fans and all New Metal and Metalcore fans will be satisfied. Besides this, as a release, it is not something special.

Rating: 6/10
Editor: Nikos Manousis
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