Katavasia – Invoking The Spirit Of Doom (EP)

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Year: 2021
Total Time: 09:35
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions

KATAVASIA needs no special introduction, as after last year’s great album “Magnus Venator”, the band has established itself in the elite of the Greek Black Metal scene, with the band members having contributed the most in the field. One year after its second full length album, while being in a compositional “orgasm”, the band presents a new EP entitled “Invoking the Spirit of Doom”, accompanied by a “sick cover”.

This year’s release includes two new compositions, “Descending to Acheron” and “Premonition of Doom”, which are comparable in quality to the level of “Magnus Venator”, in other words the Greek traditional Black Metal sound at its best! The songs have this dark, epic feeling, which becomes even more intense due to the use of the keyboards, while some influences from classic Heavy Metal are also evident. All these, “dressed” with the imposing voice of Stefanos “Necroabyssious”, who continues to perform at a high level and with a great mood in this project as well.

KATAVASIA added to their discography one more great release of Greek Black Metal (as they have been doing since 2015, when they re-started). Two tracks that are not just remnants of “Magnus Venator”, but well-worked compositions that represent the high musical personality of the band.

Rating: 7.5/10
Editor: Nikos Manousis
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