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Year: 2023
Total Time: 50:34
Label: Napalm Records

Every time I hear that my favorite KATATONIA will release a new album I run at firstly at the digital platforms and then at the music stores at the center of Athens, to purchase the album! No matter what this is or how it sounds. If it sounds like “Sky Void Of Star” then…. Money are well spent 100%!!

Since 1991 when they begun their path in Doom/Death Metal they keep on changing, evolving, experimenting and progressing. Whether someone prefers their first albums or their recent ones (from “Brave Murder Day” and on) it is objective. In “Sky Void Of Stars” they maintain their dark vibes and atmosphere that made them who they are. A darkness that strikes directly to our hearts and souls, being open to surrender to the special voice of Renske. Speaking of Renske, it is obvious that his voice is the main characteristic of the album. It starts with “Austerity” that the vocals enter even before the music. Right in your face, it leaves no doubt what you are about to listen at the rest of the album. “Sky Void Of Star” is maybe a little less experimental than “City Burials”, with heavy guitars (no surprise here) and with less electronic elements. The exception is one of my favorite songs, “Opaline” with an intro that plays all the time in my head. From the other ten songs, including the bonus track “Absconder” I definitely prefer the melodic “Birds” that fits perfectly to the amazing artwork of the album, the catchy “Atrium” and the dreamy “Impermanence” where we have the perfect combination of the voices of Renske and Joel Ekelof from SOEN. Ekelof’s voice is 100% compatible with Renske’s and the outcome is marvelous.

The album does not include many ups and downs, maintaining a steady atmosphere during its 50-minute duration. It is one of those times that I begin listening to an album without skipping a single song, not even finding a song misplaced. Everything is in place! Another difference is the fact KATATONIA have “lighten up” their music a little bit, so it is more pleasant to listen to.

I can’t wait for a live performance. I am curious to find out how “Atrium”, “Birds” or “Opaline” fit next to their older songs like “Lethean”, “Forsaker” and “Old Heart Falls” (I admit peeping their current setlist). I am sure they fit perfectly…!!

Rating: 8/10
Editor: Kostas Boudoukos
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  1. Ραφαηλ

    Εύγε φίλε συντάκτη συμφωνώ για την βαθμολογία. Εγώ στην ζωή μου δεν έχω ακούσει katatonia σε κάθε κυκλοφορία απλά δεν ήθελα να γνωρίσω τα ακούσματα τις. Στον φετινό δίσκο λύγισα άκουσα μόνο θετικές κριτικές κ μπήκε το play. Τι άκουσα?δεν θα αναφέρω τι παίζουν αλλά αυτό που άκουσα με κάλυψε έχουν ιδιαίτερες μελωδίες ένα σκοτάδι με τράβηξε και κάθε κομμάτι καλύτερο από το προηγούμενο. Εάν έγινα φαν δεν το ξέρω. Αλλά ξέρω ότι άκουσα ΕΕμνσ δίσκο που με σκλάβωσε και μου είπε να δώσω στην μπάντα μια δεύτερη ευκαιρία και να τσεκαρω τις προηγούμενες δουλειές τους.

    1. Kostas B.

      Ευχαριστώ φίλε μου! Είναι πολύ ιδιαίτερη μπάντα και δεν ταιριάζει σε όλους. Πάντως αφού σου άρεσε ο τελευταίος τους δίσκος θα σου πρότεινα να μην το αφήσεις και να ακούσεις ενδεικτικά κομμάτια από όλη τους τη δισκογραφία για να καταλήξεις!

  2. Dimos


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