You are currently viewing KATAPULT release “A FISTFUL OF TRUTH” EP.

A Fistful of Truth” is a four track Thrash/Death suckerpunch in the vein of The Haunted and Lamb of God.

Katapult is the bastard child of Florian Moritz (Arcturon) and Johan Norström (Terrortory) and was born in a backstage area in Sweden in the summer of 2017. As everyone knows, not many bands born in backstage areas survive their infancy, but despite being raised in both Switzerland and Sweden, Katapult endured. As time went by, Joel Purificacion was invited to shred some solos on the EP but he was such a good fit so he ended up joining the ranks.

But let’s not digress. Just press play and repeat at infinitum!

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