Kamelot – The Awakening

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Year: 2023
Total Time: 52.50
Label: Napalm Records

Unlike other bands, KAMELOT did not rush their way into discography immediately after the quarantine. Instead, they took their time to polish their new album, five years after the bland “The Shadow Theory”. The result is a remarkable album that honors the band’s past.

The album’s title, “The Awakening” couldn’t be more fitting as it seems that KAMELOT are indeed waking up from a hibernation, from a vicious cycle of introversion. Over the last few years they have tried hard to find their new sound, to combine their older self with modern elements. And finally, they got it! All thirteen songs (even the intro and outro) are here for a reason. Compared to their previous album, they became a bit heavier, winking mostly at their symphonic self and less at their Power Metal side.

One of the most distinctive songs of the album is “Opus Of The Night (Ghost Requiem)”, which is the sequel of “Ghost Opera” and quite naturally resembles its legendary predecessor. Its epic character is multiplied by the cellist Tina Guo. But before we get there, there are some other great songs like “The Great Divide”, one of the more suitable songs for live performance or the catchy “Eventride” that stands out for the guitar playing of Thomas Youngblood. An anthemic Power Metal song comes next, “One More Flag In The Ground” with oriental elements and epic character. Somewhere in the middle we come across the first ballad, “Midsummer’s Eve”which, besides Karevik’s amazing vocals, stands out for the participation of cellist Guo and violinist Florian Janoske. The oriental character is maintained also in “Bloodmoon” with an amazing introduction. “Nightsky” is maybe the least interesting song of the album and is followed by “The Looking Glass”, an indicative song of the modern face of KAMELOT. Nice vocals, great solos and a catchy refrain. A few songs before the end, the band decided to blow our minds with “New Babylon”, which is very reminiscent of EPICA. It ideally combines the choral vocals, the interpretive range of Karevik and the characteristic voice of Melissa Bonny of AD INFINITUM, creating a truly epic song. “Willow” is another power ballad with an amazing solo from Youngblood. The last regular track is “My Pantheon (Forevermore)”. Νot the most memorable song, but it’s a nice way to close a very good album. There is also the three-minute outro entitled “Ephemera”, which is the perfect farewell to the audience after a KAMELOT concert.

Summing up, we can say that KAMELOT have returned dynamically to a level that befits their honorable past. Karevik is adding more and more personal touches to the songs and the desired musical balance is finally achieved!

Rating: 8/10
Editor: Kostas Boudoukos
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