JUDAS PRIEST to begin writing new album early 2020

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JUDAS PRIEST will embark on their 50th anniversary tour in 2020, which we’ve learned may or may not feature some of the band’s ex-members and will dig very deep into the band’s back catalog. There were also rumblings of JUDAS PRIEST planning the followup to their much-loved 2018 record ‘Firepower’, which has since been confirmed by vocalist Rob Halford in an interview with WAAF.

Halford tells WAAF that JUDAS PRIEST will begin writing a new album sometime early 2020 before they start doing production for their anniversary tour.

“I’ll be heading back to the U.K. for the holidays, see my family and friends. And then we’re gonna start. There are two things happening. We’re gonna go into writing sessions in the early New Year, because we’re still buzzing from the Firepower record and we’re raring to go, to see what else what we can come up with musically, through writing. So we’ve got that in planning. Then we go into the big production for the 50th anniversary, which, I believe, kicks off in Finland in June, I think it is. And then that’s it there. We’re off around the world for the rest of 2020 and some of 2021, celebrating 50 years of JUDAS PRIEST.”

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