Japanese Thrash Metallers JURASSIC JADE release new album “Nyx Filia”.

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On March 22nd, Japanese Thrash Metallers JURASSIC JADE, have released their seventh studio-album “Nyx Filia” through Bang The Head Records.

The band comments: “The new album ‘Nyx filia’ was released today and is available for download! Thanks to the help of BTH Records and countless other people, we were able to safely celebrate the release of our new album today. Once again, we would like to thank you all very much. We hope it reaches as many people as possible. We’ll also give it our best in the live shows!”

Tokyo’s JURASSIC JADE is a female-fronted Thrash Metal band formed in 1985 after being REBEL POWER for two years. JURASSIC JADE, along with CASBAH and OUTRAGE, is one of the forerunners of Thrash Metal in Japan. The band’s singer is the only one who continuously wears a ghostly white make-up. The band issued a demo tape called “Complete Death” in 1985, which was circulated in the underground. This was followed by the “Live At Explosion!” EP and the “Heavy Metal Force III” split shared with SABER TIGER and X-JAPAN.

The band has been covered by SABBAT (Japan) and released a retrospective compilation entitled “The Early Years 1985-1988” in 2000. “25 Years Of Aggression And Agony” was a 2010 DVD. An EP, titled “Kiten”, was released in 2014, while in 2020 the band issued their sixth full-length album titled “Id – イド -“.

“Nyx Filia” track listing:

  1. A Small World
  2. 暗い部屋の黒い猫 (Black Cats in the Dark Room)
  3. Cave Sorrow
  4. Rain in Black
  5. 私だけにきこえる
  6. 君が死んだあとで
  7. 女神の憂鬱 (Goddess in Blue Island)
  8. 朝5時に戦争が始まる
  9. まだうたえない
  10. No Cherry Blossom

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