Japanese DEVILOOF release music video for new single “Damn”.

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Japanese Deathcore act DEVILOOF, has dropped an official music video for its new single “Damn”, taken from the upcoming EP “Damned”. The band had announced the release of their new EP for March via Tokuma Japan Communications. Unfortunately, due to their vocalist Keisuke’s throat problems, the release has been postponed to April 19th.

The new EP features music production by world-renowned sound engineer JEFF DUNNE, who has worked with renowned Metal bands such as MOTIONLESS IN WHITE, CHELSEA GRIN and CRYSTAL LAKE, as well as cover artwork by Toshihiro Egawa, known for his illustration designs for GAZETTE, MATENROU OPERA, BABYMETAL, SiM, CROSSFAITH and many more, and is set to challenge the world with its strongest lineup.

DEVILOOF have received much attention in Japan and abroad for their intense live performances, incorporating underground music genres such as Deathcore, Slamming, Brutal Death Metal and Grindcore.

Cover artwork by Tshihiro Egawa

“Damned” is a big milestone for DEVILOOF as going major has been a dream for vocalist Keisuke ever since he started playing music. On Twitter, he expressed how he threw away the idea in the past, thinking that the type of music he makes would never be accepted. However, after focusing on the music he wanted to do, he—along with the band—finally realized the dream.

Bassist and leader Daiki ensures fans that going major does not imply they’ll move towards pop music, nor any changes in direction. It will continue to stay Heavy and Extreme, with the motto “The summit of Heavy music”. Rather than just working as a five-member team, with the help from Tokuma Japan Communications, they will now be working as “Team DEVILOOF”. As a result, the band will be able to fill out the gaps and responsibilities where the five members could not on their own.

“Damned” track listing:

  1. Damn
  2. The Blackened Sun
  3. Afterlife
  4. Terpsichore
  5. False Self

You can watch the official music video for “Damn” below:

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