Insanity Cult – All Shall Return To Chaos

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(Ogmios Underground)
Total Playing Time: 44:07

INSANITY CULT is a Greek Black Metal Band (formed in 2011) which has released two albums, an EP and a split with ISOLERT. All those who do not already know this band, now it’s the time to do so! Some time ago they’ve released their third full album entitled “All Shall Return To Chaos” by Ogmios Underground, a label that has also released works by HUMAN SERPENT. It is worth mentioning that the singer participates in SORES and the guitarist at SORGELIG.

INSANITY CULT play Depressive Black Metal, in the scandinavian way. Tremolo lead guitars dominate at high speeds in addition with some more mid-tempo riffs that allow the songs to breathe. There is a variety of themes from raw to depressive/melancholic moments.

The group gave great importance to the atmosphere that they wanted to create and managed impeccably. Listening to superb tracks such as “I, The Void”, “Noose of the Black Moon” and the masterful homonymous last one, you get to feel asphyxiated by that pessimistic, nihilistic feeling. The fact that the vast majority of the lyrics are in Greek (their native language) certainly adds to that. They fit perfectly to the set as well as HUMAN SERPENT did, in their own style of course. The singer always screams like a desperate soul who has lost all hope. Maybe I would prefer more variable vocals, but on the other hand it might be a band’s choice, so that all that screaming would end up in that specific couplet at the end of the album that literally is a purgatory for the entire trip.

“Chaos always shrouded me from the rain.
Do you remember?
So much water…”

Labros Katsakioris

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