Idolatry – In Nomine Mortis

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Humanity’s Plague Productions

Total Running Time : 41:30

IDOLATRY is a Black Metal band from Canada who released their debut album “Visions from the Throne of Eyes” in 2016, causing sensation in the underground scene. So 3 years later they return with “In Nomine Mortis” and continue in their familiar style that is rooted in the traditional Scandinavian Black Metal of DARKTHRONE, MAYHEM, TSJUDER and BURZUM.

The album contains 10 songs which (in the 43 minutes of the disc) create a feeling of “suffocation” as the band seems that in this album has perfected the style of giving the sound the basic materials from which the old classic Black Metal was built, without modern and fashionable elements. The album contains guitar riffs that rip like razors, blastbeats that hammer you like a bomber and grooves points you feel trampled without mercy.

The listening of the album is enjoyable from the first to the last minute and for this played a significant role the excelent work on the guitars as also the vocals of the singer Ba’al Berith, who has the ability to change up to 3 times the way he sings in the same song, reminding sometimes the way Dead sang. Also excellent is the production of the album as the bass sounds very “noisy” creating a delightful “stormy” effect.

“In Nomine Mortis” is a great album which, after the first listen, gives you the willingness to press play and hear it again. It is an album which the fans of old Norwegian Black Metal will enjoy for sure! If IDOLATRY continue to create such good albums, in a few years they will be considered in the largest bands of Black Metal.

Rating: 7,5/10

Nikos Manousis

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