Icestorm – The Northern Crusades

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Year: 2023
Total Time: 34.15
Label: Self-Financed

If you think that Melodic Death Metal is a prerogative of Northern European people, you are mistaken! ICESTORM is here to prove you wrong with the fourth full length album called “The Northern Crusades”. The band was founded in 2006, having released the first album only in 2012. Since then, they are pretty active in discography.

“The Northern Crusades” is a themed album that deals with the Medieval religion-related battles in Central and Northern Europe. The intro “Crusaders Of God (Introduction To The Crusades)” is a narration of the story of Alexander Nevsky who is considered to be one of the most important historic figures of Medieval Rus and served at first as the Prince and military leader of the Republic of Novgorod, to defend their northwest lands from Swediash and German invaders and then as the Grand Prince of Vladimir. Immediately the listener is introduced to the main theme of the album and travels back in time to a heroic era. Epic battles, heroism, crusades. Each song is a different part of the story. The title of each song is indicative of the lyrical theme.

1. Crusaders Οf God [Introduction To The Crusaders]
2. Across The Baltic Sea [Ascent Of The Northern Campaigns]
3. The Iron Fist On The Lance Shaft [The Teutonic Knights March To War]
4. The Night Before The Battle [Bonfires, Prayers And Songs At The Teutonic Camp]
5. The Power To Fight [Peipus Lake April 5th, 1242 – Dawn Of The Battle Of The Ice]
6. Clash Of Titans [The Battle Begins]
7. The Teutonic Charge [Bishop Hermann Of Dorpat Leading The Charge]
8. Fields Of Death [Nevsky’s Ambush]
9. Novgorod Arise [Defeat Of The Teutonic Knights]
10. Triumph Of The Pagan Warriors [Lament For The Fallen Ones]

ICESTORM take us to the Baltic Sea and the Lake Peipus and narrate the story of the epic battle, the famous “Battle on the Ice”, between the united forces of the Republic of Novgorod and the forces of Livonian Order and Bishopric of Dorpat. So even if you do not like their music, you will definitely be forced to google the events behind their songs.

Enough with the history lesson. Musically, ICESTORM are the brainchild of AMON AMARTH. I can imagine them supporting AA in Release Athens Festival this summer. I definitely loved the drums playing in many songs that give an epic vibe. Surely there are some memorable riffs and some folk melodic music parts. Growls are pretty descent with a nice depth and bring out the music pretty well. The best part of the album is the combination of the instrumental song «The Night Before The Battle [Bonfires, Prayers And Songs At The Teutonic Camp]» that is followed by the powerful «The Power To Fight [Peipus Lake April 5th, 1242 – Dawn Of The Battle Of The Ice]». Frankly those two songs put me in the position of a soldier during that time who sits around a fire with his comrades the night before the great battle and sing or pray. And the next day, they have to find the inner strength to fight for their lives and beliefs.

In total, this is a very descent and honest album from the Spanish ICESTORM. It is obvious that they have worked really hard in every angle of it…music, lyrics and artwork. Melodic Death Metal’s fans will love it!!!

Rating: 7,5/10
Editor: Kostas Boudoukos
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