i HELVETE share lyric video for new single “Paratiisi”.

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Finnish Extreme Metal band, i HELVETE have shared an official lyric video for their new single “Paratiisi”, taken from the band’s forthcoming album “Yksi Yhteinen Yhteiskunta”, out on November 24th through Inverse Records.

The album tells the story of “a movement that sees the direction of the modern world as doomed. Preserving the sustainability of the planet requires extensive, radical actions. The agenda is the great reset, where the vast majority of people will be eliminated. With the new Big Bang, the chosen people will rise from the ashes to build a new world”.

The band’s guitarist Manu Kujala comments on the birth of the song: “The intro of ‘Paratiisi’ is the traditional fingerpicking that I do when I develop songs. I have dozens of recordings on my phone, some better than others. Usually these recordings don’t end up further from my phone, but this time I gave it to Aleksi and Tapio to work on. The end result is better than I could have hoped for!”

Bassist Tapio Holappa continues: “The intro written by Manu immediately sounded like a potential chorus and I started to think about its continuation. Together with Aleksi, we found the atmosphere and finished structure of the song pretty well during one songwriting session. After that we only needed a solo composed by Manu. I was a little nervous about how others would accept the idea of an instrumental inspired by, for example, Massive Attack from the middle part, but it sank in well for the guys. However, in Teemu’s opinion, it sounded more like a PORCUPINE TREE.”

“Yksi Yhteinen Yhteiskunta” track listing:

  1. Yksi yhteinen yhteiskunta
  2. KKK
  3. Uuden ajan ABC
  4. Yhdestoista hetki
  5. Paratiisi
  6. Suuri puhdistus
  7. Valittu kansa
  8. V niin kuin vallankumous

You can watch the official lyric video for “Paratiisi” below:

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