Human Serpent – The Vacuity (EP)

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Year: 2019
Total Time: 9:39
Label: Self-Financed

     After last year’s release of the thunderous «For I, the Misantropist» («FITM»)  HUMAN SERPENT  validated vociferously their ascending trajectory during the last five years and in mid November they have returned with their new self financed EP (among some new problems with their last label) «The Vacuity» which was (as it has already been sold out) available in one hundred numbered cassette copies.

     It consists of two compositions, the seeds of which were planted sometime after the recording of «FITM» in 2016 and by being subjected to the band’s appropriate modifications they are presented here as a very exciting dipole of self-contained emotional release. Τhe first track, «Time Heals Nothing» plays in their familiar “rabbid” raging style with its excruciating drumming while their trademark catchy guitar melodies colour their more furious facet. The self titled track with its greek lyrics expresses a different kind of dynamics by highlighting the more “experimental” aspect of the band  that is ever-present in both their previous EP releases ( the collaboration with ISOLERT and their execution of “Flowers of Evil” in the split release with  BLACK WINTER as a tribute to Charles Baudelaire’s poetic collection)  and the last two closing tracks of «FITM». A complete composition with exemplary emotional balance and the atmospheric break in its middle amplifying the tension before a nightmarish reverb of crawling screams purifies the listener with its redeeming final quatrain… A point that forced me to hit the repeat button plenty of times as i strongly think that with this kind of dynamic approach HUMAN SERPENT are capable of reaching new highs and producing more diverse and complete in ther sentimentality releases.

      With «The Vacuity» HUMAN SERPENT achieve a remarkably cohesive dipole of energy and emotions by offering the perfect apettizer in the anticipation of their next full release and as X. recently stated it is going to make «FITM» lool like a puppetry… Indicative of their forthcoming cathartic rage…

“Ό,τι γεννιέται πια είναι μολυσμένο
Το παρελθόν που τρώει παρόν και μέλλον
Νιώθω ότι μέσα μου αργοπεθαίνω
Σε Τίποτα πλέον δεν πιστεύω”

Rating: N/A

George Kolivanos

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