Gungnir – Ragnarok (EP)

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Υear: 2018
Total Time: 20:23
Label: Metal Throne Productions/ Mercyful Hell Productions

‘Ragnarok’ is the first work from the Greek band GUNGNIR and it was released in 2018, two years after they were formed. The band was founded by Yngve (DEVISER, AFTERBLOOD, FLAMES, ex-ACHERONTAS, ex-DIZZINESS) and Jim Havok (CHAINED and DESPERATE, ex-MORTUUS SUM). As one can easily understand by the name of the band (Gungnir was the spear of the god Odin) and the title of the EP, GUNGNIR are dealing with Scandinavian mythology. Their sound could be described as viking black metal, with BATHORY as the main influence and old AMON AMARTH.

The EP includes 5 songs, including an intro and outro plus a fantastic cover of BATHORY ‘s classic “Enter The Eternal Fire”. “Ragnarok” starts with an intro in which we hear trumpets, screams and swords from a battlefield putting us immediately in the mood of the album. Next are the songs “Our Swords for Thor”, “The Wanderer” and “Fenrir”. Three great tracks with “Our Swords for Thor” and “Fenrir” showing us their influences from BATHORY’s “Blood Fire Death” period, especially when the songs drop speed and come in a slow break. “The Wanderer” is closer to the sound of good old AMON AMARTH and I think that is the best song of the EP. Before the end there is the cover of “Enter the Eternal Fire”, in which GUNGNIR managed to touch the atmosphere of the original and adjust it to their sound. One of the best covers I’ve ever heard. Closing comes with an outro where we hear thunder and lightning like the ones we got in our faces during the whole albums playback.

GUNGNIR offers us a very good first effort that goes beyond the classical lyrical themes and the sound of most Greek black metal bands. They sound different and the final result is good for them. With frozen melodies, viking aesthetics and the spirit of BATHORY in the atmosphere, GUNGNIR are calling us to follow them in the battle of the gods for the end of the world (Ragnarok).

Rating: 7/10

Nikos Manousis

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