Former IN FLAMES members perform live with THE HALO EFFECT for the first time!

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THE HALO EFFECT, the new project featuring five former members of the Swedish Metal band IN FLAMES — Jesper Strömblad (guitar), Daniel Svensson (drums), Peter Iwers (bass), Niclas Engelin (guitar) and Mikael Stanne (vocals) — made its live debut yesterday (Saturday, June 11th) at the Sweden Rock Festival in Sölvesborg, Sweden.

THE HALO EFFECT will launch its debut album, “Days Of The Misplaced”, on August 12th through Nuclear Blast.

Cover artwork by Adrian Baxter

In a new interview with Australia’s “Scars And Guitars” podcast, Peter and Daniel were asked if they would agree that “Days Of The Lost” is, in some ways, a “spiritual successor” to “Reroute To Remain”, IN FLAMES’ sixth album, which came out in 2022.

Peter said: “Ooh, interesting. I haven’t really thought about it. When you make music, like we do, you tend not to overthink stuff — you just go in and you write music and kind of know that what comes out will sound a certain way because of the style that we are playing and how we are playing and performing our music. So I haven’t really thought about it, but maybe — maybe. It was definitely nothing intentional. We just went in. We had a bunch of ideas and we came out with a bunch of songs that happen to sound a certain way. But none of us really overthought it and it was never meant to ‘it’s gonna sound like this’ or ‘it’s gonna sound like that.’ We just [went], ‘Let’s write this music and see what happens.’ And because of, like I said, how we’re playing, it will sound a certain way.”

Peter Iwers / Daniel Svensson

Daniel added: “A lot of people like to analyze music, and, of course, it sounds Gothenburg metal-ish because we all are from that genre and we are some of the people that kind of created it. So, of course, it will sound Gothenburg metal-ish, IN FLAMES-ish. And then which era, I don’t know. And as Peter said, we don’t really think about how it should sound. This is how we sound today, and with our legacy this is inevitable, that we sound as we do.”

Peter continued: “Obviously, people like to do a lot of comparing between us… It’s a difficult topic to discuss because none of us have — even though we’ve all been in IN FLAMES at some point, none of us have really thought about this as what you’re saying. But then a lot of people that we speak to say it. So it’s a little hard to take in, as we’ve been very thorough in just writing music. But I’d say it’s a little flattering to hear it.”

Jesper Strömblad / Niclas Engelin

Svensson, who joined IN FLAMES in 1998, announced in 2015 that he was leaving the group to focus on his family life.

A member of IN FLAMES since 1997, Iwers issued a statement in November 2016 saying that he was exiting the band “to pursue other endeavors”. Shortly after leaving IN FLAMES, he joined CYHRA, the band featuring vocalist Jake E (ex-AMARANTHE) and Strömblad. He announced his departure from that band in May 2018.

A founding member of IN FLAMES, Strömblad quit the band in February 2010 in order to continue receiving treatment for his alcohol addiction.

Engelin has been sitting out IN FLAMES’ tour dates for the past three years but has never officially confirmed his departure from the band. Engelin’s replacement for IN FLAMES’ live shows since then has been former MEGADETH and current ACT OF DEFIANCE guitarist Chris Broderick.

Mikael Stanne

Stanne recently told the “Heavy Hops” podcast about THE HALO EFFECT’s musical direction: “Niclas started writing a few songs, just based on what he has and what he kind of digs. And I immediately felt, like, ‘Oh, this is super cool. We’re on to something here.’ It’s super heavy, it’s melodic — it’s all those things that we kind of grew up trying to do. Then Jesper got involved and he started changing a little bit of that or adding stuff to it. And we were, like, ‘Okay, this is awesome.’ It doesn’t feel new at all, it doesn’t feel super different, but at the same time, why should we? Let’s focus on the things that we know best and try to kind of recapture that feeling that we had when we were kids, when we wanted to play together and that kind of playful atmosphere. Because the longer you play together with your main band or what have you, you try to constantly reinvent yourself, and so much energy goes into trying to be different from what you have done before. Whereas starting something new like this with a very familiar genre of music meant that you could be very free about it. It doesn’t have to be anything in particular, it doesn’t have to conform to any rules — it just needs to fucking kick ass and feel good.”

Vikings And Lionhearts Tour 2022

THE HALO EFFECT’s first-ever tour will be as the support act for Swedish Death Metal giants AMON AMARTH and U.S. metallers MACHINE HEAD, for the “Vikings And Lionhearts” European arena tour in September and October, 2022.

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You can watch the fan-filmed videos for “Days Of The Lost” and “The Last Of Our Kind” below:

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