Firewind – Stand United

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Year: 2024
Total Time: 43.14
Label: AFM Records

Greece, musically speaking, is not a global superpower but if there is one genre where we export serious and quality work, this is metal. FIREWIND is one of the bands that for many years now have been a reason for us to be proud to be Greek metalheads.

The new album by Gus G and his band mates was released on the 1st of March and confirmed some things I had in my mind about FIREWIND anyway. I would say that the band is something like the basketball team Olympiacos (although I support Panathinaikos I can’t help but admit some things). Every single time you know what they can offer as a team, what they do they do exceptionally well, they have a steady  group of players and that’s how they are at the top. Replace the word “team” with the word “band” and “players” with “musicians” and you get the point.

“Stand United” is the logical next step of the album “Firewind” (2020) since it is the second album with the same line up and especially with the excellent Herbie Langhans on vocals. The 9 new compositions (+1 cover of THE ROMANTICS’ “Talking In Your Sleep”) although they follow the usual norms, sound fresh. Gus G. wanted to create a sort of thematic album since, as the title reveals, “Stand United” speaks about everything that unites us especially during this very difficult period humanity is experiencing. Powerful compositions that clearly rely a lot on Gus’ virtuoso playing, but without monopolizing the interest. One of the characteristics of Gus G is the fact that even though he could write songs based on his own playing, with the other instruments in the background, in the end he chooses to offer us fully developed compositions highlighting the talent of all the musicians that accompany him. Catchy melodies (e.g. “Fallen Angel”), addictive choruses (e.g. “Destiny Is Calling”) and a frontman, Langhans, who fits with the rest of the band like a piece of a puzzle, are the perfect recipe for a classic, quality FIREWIND album.

Gus G. himself had mentioned in a recent concert that he cannot believe that FIREWIND is still here after 20 (and more) years of existence. I will add that not only are they still here, but they are fully productive and world renowned as one of the best Power Metal bands of the new millennium.

Rating: 7,5/10
Editor: Kostas Boudoukos
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