Finnish SWANSONG release new single “Awakening”.

You are currently viewing Finnish SWANSONG release new single “Awakening”.

Founded in 2020 in Kuopio, Finland and combining Melodic Death, Heavy and Folk metal, SWANSONG are bringing their very own blend and something new to the Metal scene. Powerful melodies with hard-hitting riffs revive the ‘80s and ‘90s and at the same time the old school elements get a fresh & modern twist with female death growls and screams.

Signed to Noble Demon, the band is currently preparing for the release of their debut album, which is set to see the light of day in the fall of 2023. Featuring experienced musicians from such bands as VERJNUARMU, TORNADO, CARNAL DEMISE and SADISTIC FOREST, SWANSONG’s upcoming debut is a release not to be missed.

Cover picture by KarmaMedia

With the music video for the new single “Awakening”, the four-piece offers a first insight into their soon to be released album. So give ear and step into the SWANSONG world of empowering stories with midnight warriors and strong maidensl!

The band comments on the track: “Get ready for a journey through the dark woods: ‘Awakening’ is the first single from SWANSONG’s upcoming debut album. A track with haunted screams, aggressive guitars and powerful melodies.”

You can watch the official video for “Awakening” below:

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