Ferriterium – Le Dernier Livre

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(Epictural Production)
Total Playing Time: 42:45

FERRITERIUM is a one man band from France, founded in 2011 by Raido, guitarist of MALEVOLENTIA, KARNE, HEIMSGARD. “Le Dernier Livre” is their second album and they play melodic black metal, a mix of Swedish sound and modern post influences.

As a first observation, I have to mention that Raido has a session bassist and drummer, so he escapes the usual problem of the “one-man bands” with the drum programming.

Musically now, the album starts a bit weak, with the first two tracks being well played, but a bit conventional, reminding of DISSECTION. From then and on, the situation improves and the album gets more variety and gains personality. For example, in “Chapitre 3” in points, they remind of CRADLE OF FILTH from “Cruelty ….” album to a lower tone. The last three songs (the best of the album) have a nice development and evolution, they balance beautifully between extremity and melody by using atmospheric post parts, interrupting the high speeds that are the majority.

The French lyrics are also contributing to the whole atmosphere. In fact, due to my ignorance of French language, I do not know their true meaning, but judging from the cover, I would assume about something in the Middle Ages. Witches, grimoires etc. The well fitted cover and overall lay out, as well as the lyrics, are from Ars Goetia Design, which must also be owned by Raido.

Overall, an album that exceeds the average, without impressing of course.

Katsakioris Labros

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