Fast “Alternate Picking” – Metal Riffs

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Fast Alternate (down/up) Riff Picking, Using Different Chords

On this part, I’m playing some fast alternate picking open E single string riff, very typical in metal, combining some different chords like usual power chords fifths, G and F, F# aug, E minor, D Major, D octave, C octave with slides, G fourth, C tritone (the devils chord), C major, D add11. All these chords are played at the same time having my open E string as a pedal note* when I’m switching through all the chords.

It’s really important to mute all the other strings with both your hands when you are playing the open E string, and then, when you are playing the chords to mute the open E string and all other unwanted strings. With this way you are avoiding cacophony, making your part cleaner and smoother sounding wise!!!

Whatever you play as long as you mute properly and play as clean as possible, will improve your playing drastically and make your riffs sound tighter, musical and way more focused.

Have fun and make muting your friend!!!!

 *A “pedal point” or note is a sustained tone, typically in the bass, during which at least one foreign harmony is sounded in the other parts. A pedal point sometimes functions as a “non-chord tone”, placing it in the categories alongside suspensions, and passing tones.

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