Ereshkigal – The Erevos Arisen (B)

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Year: 2020
Total Time: 37:42
Label: Floga Records

Black metallers ERESHKIGAL is a distinctive case of a band than never gives up, despite all the difficulties. It is a band with history, since we met their first version at the end of the ‘80s, under the name of FLEGETHON. They disbanded after the release of their first EP and were revived a little later, as ERESHKIGAL, by Rotten Flesh and Pinhead. After that, a destructive flood in the studio they were recording their first full length album put a temporary end to that attempt, until 2005 when they managed to release “The Raping of the Divine”.

All this led to 2020 and their second album, the dynamic “The Erevos Arisen”. Here, ERESHKIGAL managed to combine old school Black Metal with Heavy and Thrash Metal elements. Endless and high quality solos from Rotten Flesh (bass) and Nigel Foxxe (guitars), pitch black vocals from Foxxe and demolishing drums from Pinhead. Those guys have a great experience in music, although this is not reflected in their discography. Their songs bear an air of classic and an authenticity that shows they do not pretend to be something they are not, but they are genuine.

From the album I distinguish the first song “Into the Endless Black”, that begins mysteriously until Foxxe takes over hard, “Doom Sun” with some amazing solos and the short but full “Legion”.

“The Erevos Arisen” may not be an album that will change your life but it is definitely an album that reminded us that there are many great bands in Greece!

Rating: 6,5 /10
Editor: Kostas Boudoukos
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