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Label: Mascot Records

DEVIL WITHIN is a brand new, Japanese, Melodic Death Metal Band. In fact, we could say that they are a japanese supergroup, with its members participating in other Japanese bands as well. Guitarist Kouta is a member of THOUSAND EYES, Kensuke and Yu-to are members of UNDEAD CORPORATION, the bassist Yoji plays with AFTERZERO and singer U, to the female fronted band, MERGINGMOON.

Usually the japanese melodic death metal bands, weather you think it’s good or bad, have several Core elements in their sound. DEVIL WITHIN may have members from Core bands in their ranks, but in their debut album, “Death Supremacy”, they completely avoid this “rule”. The album is pure melodic death metal, with nice melodic parts on the guitar, solos and very nice riffs throughout.

At times, there are tracks like “Creature In The Dark” where one can see the most obvious death metal inspirations of the band, with fast and raw guitar riffs and proportional drum beats, parts that besides the Melodeath audience will also catch the attention of the most devoted pure Death Metal supporters. It is really worth mentioning U, the band’s singer, who really can do almost anything with her voice. From growling and screaming to anything imaginable, her unique vocals are unlike the usual in the scene.

But what does “Death Supremacy” and it’s creators, DEVIL WITHIN have to offer to the audience? Certainly there is no originality, if you exclude the particularity of their vocals and definitely they do not take the melodic death metal sound not even one step further. But, they offer a very high class production, carefully written songs which are full of melodies but also speed and rhythm, capable of keeping your interest during the hearing. A suggestion, on the beaten track, but with high standards. They do not launch a revolution, but they certainly do not disappoint.

Rating: 6,5/10

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