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Here we have the return for the Polish blacksters, six years after their first full-length album and three years since their last EP. The Polish scene is very strong the last period with a unique sound and DEUS MORTEM is a worthy representative. Their new album, entitled “Kosmocide”, is well structured, has beautiful alternations of rhythms and moods, has slow and fast parts, melodic and extreme moments. The album starts with faster-uprising songs, but ends up in longer, darker themes. So we have songs, perfect for headbanging, like the “Remorseless Beast” or “The Soul Of The Worlds” with its black / thrashy style. On the other hand, there are songs like my personal favorite “Ceremony Of Reversion” with its beautiful evolution and its slow, dark part in the middle.
Sometimes, they remind of MGLA (f.e. “Sinister Lava”), without of course the atmosphere and innerness of their compatriots, as the true nature of DEUS MORTEM is more rough and raw. Personally, while listening to “Kosmocide”, PLAGA came to my mind several times with that classical metal guitar playing and the solos from the Slayer handbook.
Finally, it has to be mentioned that the production, made by M of MGLA is trully fantastic. “Analog” sound, clear and powerful without exaggeration and cheap tricks. Overall, we are dealing with a very strong album, epic and aggressive, that, even its too early, might be in my personal “best of “list for 2019!


Katsakioris Labros

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