DESTRUCTION – Releasing ”Born To Perish” album on August 9th

You are currently viewing DESTRUCTION – Releasing ”Born To Perish” album on August 9th

German thrash metal veterans DESTRUCTION have revealed the cover artwork for their upcoming 17th studio album, Born To Perish.

Mastermind Schmier adds: “We wanted something basic this time. I had something like an emblem in mind, a stamp, a DESTRUCTION coat of arms. We had so many great colorful graphical covers in the past; this dark album title needed something different. This record marks the debut of the four-piece DESTRUCTION again. I am very happy with the result and that the great Gyula understood right away what direction we wanna go – the album is vicious, dark and hard-hitting. The cover art is the perfect prelude for that.”

Born To Perish will be released on August 9 viaNuclear Blast. The album was recorded in January and February of 2019 with V.O. Pulver at Little Creek Studios in Switzerland and is the first DESTRUCTION album to feature Randy Black on drums and second guitarist Damir Eskic.

Trailer about the new album can be seen here:

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