Destruction – Born To Perish

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Year: 2019

Total Time: 50:18

Label: Nuclear Blast

The new album from the German veterans DESTRUCTION is now out, a legendary band that does not need any special introduction. Also it is a band that unfortunately from their reunion in 1999 until today, they are stuck in mediocrity compared to their great past. Of course we don’t expect to hear another opus like “Eternal Devastation” or a new “Sentence of Death”, but we definitely demand to get something better than the last albums they are offering. “Born to Perish” the title of this year’s album with two new additions to the band’s lineup, Damir Eskic on guitars and Randy Black on drums. When the news for the new album arrived, the usual question I have in every new release of DESTRUCTION got in my mind again. Will they finally be able to offer us a good album or “Mad Butcher” will remain their last great release ?

The first song of the album is the title track and immediately you realize the fresh air that the new members brought in the band. This feeling is also enhanced by the very good production. The album includes 9 more songs in the classic style of DESTRUCTION, thrash riffing, fast drumming (highlight of the album) with Schmier’s classic vocals that we all love. Except for the song “Betrayal” all tracks have speedy tempos, DESTRUCTION from the first minute of the album have their pedal to the metal. All this may sound good but you can find this stuff in dozens of thrash records out there nowadays. Here we are talking about DESTRUCTION and I think they should spend more time composing more quality songs than creating the feeling that you hear the same stuff over and over.

DESTRUCTION with “Born to Perish” offer us a decent thrash metal album  but with nothing special to make a difference and it is destined to satisfy only their die hard fans. But if someone wants to hear something more than that I am afraid that he will be just disappointed. Nothing special in “Born To Perish”, we can live well without it.

Rating: 6/10

Nikos Manousis

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