Deranged – Deeds Οf Ruthless Violence

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Year: 2020
Total Time: 33:12
Label: Agonia Records

DERANGED is a Death Metal band from Sweden, which was formed in 1991. From then until now, they follow their own path compared to most of the other Swedish Death Metal bands. The band chose to turn its back on the classic Swedish Death Metal sound so each DERANGED’s release is an ode to Brutal Death Metal with influences from the American scene. After four years from the very good album “Struck by a Murderous Siege” and with a new singer Johan Bergström (VISCERAL BLEEDING), DERANGED return with their tenth full length effort, entitled “Deeds of Ruthless Violence”, doing once again what they know well…make our ears bleed once again!

The title of the album describes perfectly the whole experience we are dealing with, quality brutal Death Metal that is not suitable for the “sensitive”| ears. In the 33 savage minutes of “Deeds of Ruthless Violence”, DERANGED destroy everything with their brutality. Stormy blastbeats, sick aggression by the guitars with stormy rhythms as in breakdowns and slam passages they sound completely insane, classic for the genre catchy brutal vocals (it’s like Glen Benton’s and Corpsegrinder ‘s bastard son singing) and generally there is an aggressive atmosphere everywhere in the album, totally raw Brutal Death Metal at its best! This whole delightful package is complemented by the bloody cover and the sick lyrics, which will be loved by all fans of extreme Death Metal and especially the fans of CANNIBAL CORPSE, as this is the band that came first to my mind as I was listening to the album. There are also influences from other giants of Death Metal, such as DEICIDE and MORBID ANGEL (especially in the song “Carnal Provision for the Rotten Masses”).

In “Deeds of Ruthless Violence” we may not get something that we have not heard before, but the album is a very good suggestion for those who get sick from listening to melodies and want their Death Metal raw and violent. The album is quite extreme and needs time to ferment. DERANGED may not have released the best Death Metal Album of the year, but they add to their career another high quality album which, in a few years, will be considered as a classic for the band’s discography.

Rating: 7.5/10
Editor: Nikos Manousis
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