Demonical – Into Victory (EP)

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Year: 2023
Total Time: 08:03
Label: Agonia Records

DEMONICAL is one of the most characteristic bands of Swedish Death Metal. Over the years it has built a respectable name within the genre. The band was formed in 2006 and haw a full discography of seven full-length albums, one split and two EPs. Even if their latest album was released about a year ago, they surprised us returning this year with the new EP “Into Victory”. Although this release came out of nowhere, there is a good explanation for it, as the band wanted to introduce us their new singer. Behind the microphone is now Charlie Fryksell, also from Sweden. He is not famous in the metal world as his background has nothing worth mentioning so far.

“Into Victory” contains two songs, the new title track and a cover of RAMONES’s song “Somebody Put Something in My Drink”. The new single by DEMONICAL, besides the new singer presents also us and a new musical direction for the Swedes. I was expecting to hear Old School Swedish Death Metal with influences from ENTOMBED, UNLEASHED etc instead, I ended up listening to AMON AMARTH’s familiar sound, as “Into Victory” song could be included in one of their first albums. Charlie Fryksell’s vocals also are heavily influenced by Johan Hegg, however DEMONICAL’s new style is quite remarkable and sounds pleasant. Regarding RAMONES’ cover, the band has brought the song to its own sound, giving a more aggressive tone and can be considered as a good cover after all.

The new EP by the Swedes is probably preparing us for the new musical path they will follow. It seems that the Old School Death Metal stays back and a Vikimg Death Metal sound comes forth, being strongly influenced by their fellow compatriots. Whether they will continue or not in this musical style, we will have to wait for their next album. A wise movement that benefits the band, as AMON AMARTH has left this style a while ago, so there are plenty of metal fans who search for some quality Viking Death Metal.

Rating: 7/10
Editor: Nikos Manousis
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