Deathroll – Immorality

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Year: 2022
Total Time: 32.17
Label: STF Records

Japanese metal? Oh yes, japanese metal from DEATHROLL, which is, basically, the solo project of Kazu, the “one-man show”. With ten years experience in discography, the black metaller released his sixth studio album, called “Immorality”, this August. The fact that Kazu comes from Japan makes it a bit more interesting, since I am curious to listen to japanese Black Metal and the ways it varies from our western metal. Different music backgrounds and stimuli from the other end of the world (literally).

I hit the play button for the first song called “Don’t Understand the Principle of the Thing” and I found myself listening with my mouth wide open. I did not expect what was coming…an endless blackness, total darkness dominated by destructive drums that were followed by the exceptional voice of Kazu, a voice that seems to stem from the abyss. Totally harsh, creepy, with no special technic, but absolutely suitable for that kind of music. The same thing continued to the rest of the album. Drums were dominant, but guitar solos and fast, technical riffs were also adequately present.

I find it hard to choose a favorite song among the eight songs of the album. They all flow like a wild river, whose bed is full of deadly rocks. I could choose “Desolate”, due to the alternation between the typical fast and chaotic vibe and a more melodic one, in some parts.

It definitely deserves the attention of Black Metal fans, who want to listen to something different.

Rating: 7/10
Editor: Kostas Boudoukos
Portal: Deathroll – Official Page

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