DAWN OF OUROBOROS share new single “Testudines”.

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Oakland, CA Blackened Progressive Metallers DAWN OF OUROBOROS, have released their new single “Testudines”. The track is taken from the band’s upcoming album “Velvet Incandescence”, due for release on April 21st via Prosthetic Records.

Tony Thomas (guitar / synths) comments on the track: “ ‘Testudines’ is the second track on the album and is another example of how we like to vary our sound as a band. Instrumentally this one holds a lot of influence from jazz fusion with its harmonic structure, use of chords common in jazz, and frequent use of a swing feel.

The whole band shows off our ability to play at high tempos while keeping our song structure melodic and coherent. Vocally, Chelsea uses several styles to show off her skills. With her use of her signature Black Metal shrieks, brutal lows, as well as her strong sense of melody with her clean singing. This is one we definitely can’t want to perform live!”

Cover artwork by Jilly Colbert (Manfish Inc.)

Placing an emphasis on melody and feel above technical virtuosity, “Velvet Incandescence” ’s eight tracks revel in sanguine triumph both musically and lyrically. Abum highlights “Rise From Disillusion” and “Iron Whispers” both rise and fall with a beguilingly ethereal quality, thanks to additional vocals provided in the form of a choir. Elsewhere, precise and calculated bursts of tremolo picking and resplendent lead guitar from both Thomas and Ian Baker (RED ROT) coalesce in dizzying fashion on Testudines. Rhythmically bolstered by the talents of David Scanlon (DELIRIA) on bass and Ron Bertrand (BOTANIST, RED ROT) on drums, album closer “Velvet Moon” musically encompasses “Velvet Incandescence” ’s dual nature of serenity and volatility.

Both lyrically and vocally, DAWN OF OUROBOROS’ Chelsea Murphy interfuses a deeply personal approach with the cosmic and universally human need for healing and a feeling of home across the album’s 46 minute runtime, with tactful hope and heart at the forefront of all things over solemnity and resignation. The thematic melding of the universal and personal is conveyed in arresting fashion by album cover artist Jilly Colbert at Manfish Inc.

Three years on from their debut statement, DAWN OF OUROBOROS’ latest offering refines and redefines their sound. “Velvet Incandescence” will no doubt serve as a luminous spark for the quintet’s increasingly bright future

“Velvet Incandescence” track listing:

  1. Healing Grounds
  2. Testudines
  3. Iron Whispers
  4. Levitating Pacifics
  5. Rise from Disillusion
  6. Castigation
  7. Cephalopodic Void
  8. Velvet Moon

You can listern to “Testudines” in the following video:

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