Darklon – The Redeemer

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Year: 2023
Total Time: 35.01
Label: No Remorse Records

I’m going to start this review backwards. With the rating… one of the easiest and most effortless 8 I’ve awarded during my time at THE GALLERY which, as you’ve probably figured out, doesn’t like to caress ears or do PR through record reviews.

DARKLON is a relatively new band as this year marks their 7th anniversary. In that 7 years they have released 2 full length albums, the second being “The Redeemer” which was released in 2023. They move around Power Metal with strong epic touches and old school American Heavy Metal. In “The Redeemer” we find all these elements in ideal doses. There are two pillars on which this album is based and these are the excellent Nikos Migus on vocals with his amazing tone and the characteristic hard rock groove and the excellent guitars of D.K. Krasonis. Just listen to the wonderful solo in “Rancor And Agony” accompanied by Sevan Barsam’s scintillating drumming and the – on a sobbing level – turns Migus makes in his voice singing “…Steel meet flesh, flesh will meet death” and “…Break your chains and never give up, fight for your life and be grateful…”. This song is one of the highlights of the album along with  “Way Back Home” which offers an epic ending with its slow but absolutely addictive chorus. Lyrically they deal with various themes. From “Mad Max Fury Road”  in “The Redeemer” to the Mesopotamian female demon Lamashtu in “Lamashtu’s Claws”. There’s not much consistency but there is a general warlike mood that blends with the rhythms the album moves to. Sometimes thunderous as during a battle and sometimes more relaxed as during the warriors’ rest breaks.

DARKLON does not invent the wheel. They are following the footsteps of the tradition that our country has now in quality power metal bands and they take full advantage of their strong characteristics. They play with the genres of metal and add touches from Power and Epic to Thrash and Heavy metal proving that mixing makes sense if done right. Finally, on the plus side, the very professional release regarding the cd with the epic cover by Michael Syrigos and the stylish booklet with the lyrics and photos of the members. Now I can’t wait to see them live…

Rating: 8 /10
Editor: Kostas Boudoukos
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