Darkest Hour – Perpetual Terminal

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Year: 2024
Total Time: 41:25
Label: MNRK Heavy

It’s Metalcore! It’s Melodic Death Metal! It’s DARKEST HOUR! Paraphrasing the classic line from the Superman comics, just to make a little joke about the style of the Americans from Washington DC, as they are perhaps the only band in the genre that so uniquely balances between these two genres.

After their unsuccessful attempt at a more mainstream audience with their self-titled 2014 album, the band released perhaps their rawest work with “Godless Prophets & the Migrant Flora” in 2017, and now, seven years later, they return with what might be their most complete and mature work.

“Perpetual Terminal” demonstrates the band’s ability to evolve while maintaining their essence. The Americans continue in their familiar style, blending Melodic Death Metal and Metalcore, bolstered by the arrival of guitarist Nico Santora (FALLUJAH), and a freshness resulting from their long absence. From the opening track, after a brief intro à la METALLICA, the listener is swept away by a relentless assault of riffs, thunderous drums, and John Henry’s frenzied vocals. The production is impeccable, highlighting the technical skill of the members, maintaining a balance between the rough and softer sides of the band. Each song is meticulously crafted, with great emphasis on speed as well as melodies.

The eleven tracks on “Perpetual Terminal” maintain mostly a fast tempo, but this doesn’t stop the band from showcasing their range and versatility. For example, “Nihilist Undone” features fiery guitar solos and a sweeping rhythm that embodies the band’s aggressive side. In contrast, “One With The Void” slightly slows the pace, allowing for a more atmospheric and introspective experience. “Mausoleum” starts like an acoustic ballad by RISE AGAINST before transitioning into a chorus reminiscent of IN FLAMES’ best days, while the album closes impressively with “Goddess Of War, Give Me Something To Die For” – a superb composition with an acoustic intro that gradually leads into a thrash dynamite of Melodic Death Metal guaranteed to finish us off! The lyrics as a whole explore both personal and social themes, adding more depth to the album with each listen.

Overall, “Perpetual Terminal” is proof that DARKEST HOUR still has it. The album successfully bridges the gap between the band’s early influences and their modern sound, appealing to both longtime fans and new listeners. Certainly, they don’t reinvent the wheel, but it’s an album that not only honours the band’s legacy but also pushes the boundaries of their musical expression. “Perpetual Terminal” is a strong statement from the Americans, reaffirming their place as one of the most influential bands in contemporary Metalcore.

Rating: 7.5/10
Editor: Dimitris Benetatos
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