Cyanide 4 – AmaΛgama

Year: 2022
Total Time: 43.00
Label: Perris Records

Some new friends from the greek metal music community gave me the chance to get to know musically (and personally, in some occasions) many professional musicians, who actualize the phrase “he lives off his hobby”. With the term “professional” I do not mean those who make enough money from music, so that they do not need to have a day job, since in Greece there are not many musicians that manage to do that. I refer to those who play music in a professional and deliberate way.

One of those bands are the glam/hard rock metallers CYANIDE 4, who manage to confirm all the above with their last album, “AmaΛgama”. They present a professional work, in all levels, from the production of their third album, to the more minimal and elegant cover. The cover is the first hint that something is different in “AmaΛgama”, compared to their previous albums. They distance themselves from their glam roots and turn to more Hard Rock paths, which are smoother to the ears of the Greek audience, an audience that many times does not appreciate Glam Metal. In this album, guitar solos by Dyan Mair and riffs are prevailing since they are of the highest level. If I had to choose some songs, I would pick “The Secret Doctrine”, the amazing opening of the album, “Tragic Flaw” that has the best balanced guitars and drums (by Adrian Kyprianos), “Alter Ego” as the most catchy song of the album and “Redeemer” for the most extraordinary guitar solo. The frontman G.A. Sinn gives to each song the necessary color and power and, along with bassist Mitch Voulgarides, they make a group of four amazing musicians.

To sum up, while listening to their album, I got the feeling that it is made for some amazing rock nights in a live club. I have never seen them play live, but judging by their video clips, I understand that they have what it takes to give a great show.

Rating: 7/10
Editor: Kostas Boudoukos
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