CONTRARIAN to release “Sage Of Shekhinah” album in March.

You are currently viewing CONTRARIAN to release “Sage Of Shekhinah” album in March.

US Progressive Death Metalers CONTRARIAN, have released “In Gehenna”, the first single of their upcoming album “Sage Of Shekhinah”, out on March 17th via Willowtip Records. “In Gehenna”, has been premiered, courtesy of Heavy Blog is Heavy.

True to their namesake, CONTRARIAN continue to defy the odds and steer the head of Progressive/Technical Death Metal towards a more organic approach. On “Sage Of Shekhinah”, the band counteracts genre norms with nuanced composition and subtle production. 

 The band was originally formed in 2012 in Rochester, New York, by Jim Tasikas. Jim then enlisted his friend Ed Paulsen for bass duties, Brian Mason as lead guitar and George Kollias of NILE for drums. CONTRARIAN roots came from the Progressive and Technical Metal scene birthed in Rochester, NY in the mid-1990s which also brought to light bands such as LETHARGY, MASTODON, PSYOPUS and SULACO.

CONTRARIAN recorded their first EP “Predestined” in 2014. This EP caught the attention of Jason Tipton at Willowtip Records and within one year the band released their first full-length album “Polemic” on November 20, 2015. The band’s latest album “Only Time Will Tell” was also released via Willowtip Records in 2020, mixed by famed record producer Neil Kernon. CONTRARIAN are known for their detailed album art covers and concept albums dealing with themes of philosophy and theology. They are also known for reviving an organic approach to recording Technical Metal in studio settings.

“Sage Of Shekhinah” track listing:

  1. Sage of Shekhinah  
  2. In Gehenna  
  3. Ibn al Rawandi  
  4. The Guide for the Perplexed  
  5. Zabur of Satfiyah al Shamal  
  6. Apollonius of Tyana  
  7. A Madman from Island Patmos

You can listen to “In Gehenna” in the following video:

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