Cirith Ungol – Dark Parade

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Yeat: 2023
Total Time: 44.09
Label: Metal Blade

I was always a bit suspicious on the news of an old band’s reunion wondering about the reasons why they do it. I was asking myself if the project would succeed, what would we listen from a band that had broken up long time ago, if they had new ideas, especially CIRITH UNGOL who split up in1992.

CIRITH UNGOL with its new studio album (second album after the reunion of 2016, preceded by the quite good “Forever Black” in 2020) makes us give a credit for the reason that after so many decades of career in the field of Heavy Metal, the band remains old time classic, giving quality works to their fans like “Dark Parade”.

With songs like “Velocity (S. E. P. )”, “Relentless”, the epic “Sailor on the Seas of Fate” CIRITH UNGOL has nothing to envy from the current releases of the genre’s greats giants. They just stand opposite of them and look them straight to the eyes. Tim Baker on vocals deserves congratulations. Despite being close to 70 years of age, he is heard like a young singer in his prime. Jim Barraza and Greg Lindstrom on guitars collaborate flawlessly, giving speed where it’s needed, while their solos are just as long as they should be in order not to become tiring.

The album lyrically has no affinity with the previous albums released by CIRITH UNGOL in the 80’s. It deals with more human and social issues, with references that make you wonder if the Earth we live in is the real Hell.

This album is addressed to the fans of classic Heavy Metal. I believe that if someone is a true fan of the genre, he can’t be left unsatisfied. Many auditions are not needed. From the very first second you will understand that CIRITH UNGOL didn’t release album just to make money, but they did it because they still have something to give to the glorious field of Heavy Metal!

Rating: 7/10
Editor: Andreas Fytros
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