CARNATION unveil official visualizer for new single “Metropolis”.

You are currently viewing CARNATION unveil official visualizer for new single “Metropolis”.

Belgian Death Metal crushers CARNATION, have unveiled an official visualizer for their new single “Metropolis”, directed by Aimed & Fraimed. The track is taken from the band’s upcoming album “Cursed Mortality”, due for release on November 3rd via Season Of Mist.

The new song is inspired by the groundbreaking German science-fiction film Metropolis, directed by Fritz Lang which was released in 1927. The track depicts the corruption and filth behind the glitter and glamour of this world, the dark undertone of the advancement of our civilization.

Cover artwork by Mariusz Lewandowski RIP – Logo by Christophe Szpajdel (Lord Of The Logos)

Frontman Simon Duson comments on the track: “We are thrilled to finally unveil ‘Metropolis’. Inspired by Fritz Lang’s 1927 film, our song delves deep into the shadows lurking behind the facade of progress and opulence. ‘Metropolis’ reveals the corruption and filth concealed beneath the glitter and glamour of our world, echoing the dark undertones of our civilization’s relentless advancement. It’s a haunting reminder that often, what lies beneath the surface is far more enigmatic than meets the eye.”

The surreal cover art for “Cursed Mortality” was created by the late, great Mariusz Lewandowski, whose dark and surreal vision perfectly captures the feel of this album. Lord of the Logos’ Christophe Szpajdel created a brand new logo and symbol to reflect this new era of CARNATION.

“Cursed Mortality” track listing:

1.Herald of Demise
6.Submerged in Deafening Silence
7.Cycle of Suffering
8.Cursed Mortality

You can watch the official visualizer for “Metropolis” below:

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