Bury Tomorrow – Cannibal

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Date: 2020
Total Time: 42:04
Label: Music For Nations

The sixth studio album of the British BURY TOMORROW is truly the best thing I have heard lately in the Metalcore scene! Emotional, powerful, modern, commercial, clever, catchy and at the same time aggressive, “Cannibal” raises the standards very high and rightfully stands as one of the BEST METAL releases of 2020!

Combining the melodies of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE (mostly in the choruses), AS I LAY DYING’s aggression at the fast parts, the groovy touches of PARKWAY DRIVE, DARKEST HOUR’s “sprite” on the guitar riffs but also some progressive elements by ARCHITECTS, the super band from Southampton is “shuffling the deck” in its own way, unleashing a modern diamond which leaves little room for doubt!

Flawless compositions, perfect production (credits to Dan Weller on this one), “infectious” choruses with “clean” and “brutal” vocals alternating (credits to the guitarist Jason Cameron for his brilliant “catchy” voice), groovy rhythms and 100% professionalism in all aspects, compose the grandeur scene of this torrential album! Daniel Winter-Bates continuous steadily to unleash core/scream battle roars while Adam Jackson is accompanying with excellent drumming. The same applies to the rest of the band members!

From a total of 11 songs, it is very difficult to pick just one. Songs like “Choke”, “Cannibal”, “The Grey (VIXI)”, “The Agonist”, “Imposter”, “Better Below”, “Quake” and….basically THE WHOLE ALBUM stays in the listener’s memory from the very first hearing!

Yes, BURY TOMMOROW with “Cannibal” do not re-invent the wheel, since their sound is reminiscent of many bands of the genre. It is, though, the perfect combination of all of them! Everyone is judged by the end product and BURY TOMMOROW do not need to say anything else. I am not sure if I will ever manage to see them live, but I am almost certain of what is happening in the moshpit when the British are on stage! Rating????

Rating: 8,5/10
Editor: Alexandros Soultatos
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