BRING ME THE HORIZON parts ways with keyboardist Jordan Fish!

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Jordan Fish, the keyboardist and one of the main composers of BRING ME THE HORIZON, has parted ways with the band, after 11 years of presence. The first hint that something was up, was when Jordan Fish wasn’t in the band’s Asian tour in October 2023, with the band not mentioning anything.

On Friday, December 22nd 2023, BRING ME THE HORIZON’s announcement on their social media stated the following:

“BRING ME THE HORIZON has decided to part ways with Jordan Fish. We want to thank him for the musical journey he took with us and wish him luck with everything in the future. Meanwhile we continue to work on Nex Gen, with brand new music coming very soon. See you on our UK tour in January.”

In his own post, Jordan Fish stated:

“I’m really grateful for my 11 years with the band, and extremely proud of all that we have achieved together. I look forward to hearing what they do next, and wish them every success in the future. I’m excited to start this next chapter in my career.”

Jordan Fish, made his debut in the band in 2013, during the recording sessions of the album “Sempiternal” and he was the man behind the change in their sound. In the following years, he accompanied Oli Sykes on stage vocals, at the songwriting as also at the album production.

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