Bloody Hammers – The Summoning

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(Napalm Records)
Total Time: 43:50

The amazing duet from North Carolina, Transylvania county (not by accident for sure) that is Anders Manga and his wife Devallia (that’s it) is back after 3 years with their new album “The Summoning”.
They exist since 2012 and they have 5 full length albums, this one included. As Anders has said in the recent past, when he was very young he was unable to learn any instrument, he managed to do so much later (he is over 40 now) and I am guessing he had a great teacher as the works of Bloody Hammers in total are excellent and of great quality.
So, after the more doomy direction of the first albums, here we have the band moving to a more horror gothic rock direction. Actually the song “Let Sleeping Corpses Lie” that opens is the more doomy one, after that things are more clear and the band starts to rock. Somewhere in the middle, “The Beast Is Coming Out” is coming and the horror returns, but not for long as the rock attitude returns until a personal favorite number 8, “Condemned, The Prisoner” that reminds me of the great old Death SS days (ok not the vocal part!) and then the final 2 songs, “From Beyond the Grave” and “Unbreakable” sound more modern and catchy, but I think they are perfect to close a great album like this one.
As far as lyrics are concerned, the friends of horror will discover many nice things judging by the titles and the atmosphere while the nice riffs, keyboards and vocals combine a total of 10 songs of very good quality that you really can’t just pass by.
Friends of band like Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Type O Negative, Death SS and  Sisters of Mercy (big influence) should definitely check this album.

Rating: 8/10


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